Update on full-build successor

It’s been a while I’ve been discussing about monorepo.
Few things have changed: I’ve started to work on the successor of full-build.

Why successor?

Well full-build was probably a step forward for source management but it’s really a step backward in terms of compatibility: modifying projects or dev workflows is bad:

In order to build a monorepo efficiently, it’s important to take into account how devs are working:

So OK, let’s not change those habits and just:

Terrabuild is then the successor of full-build. It’s still being baked.
Only few components are available at the Magnus Opera GitHub Organization.

It will allow building a monorepo using standard tools without any modifications to source. It will also allow to isolate builds and easily build with same toolchains as on CI. Terrabuild will use extensions to deal with various languages or tools and will support build caching for fast builds both local or on CI.

Stay tuned !