So here I am… restarting this blog again (must be the 4th or 5th I guess). Hope it will be better than past years…

Anyway, I’m planning to talk a little bit about what I will do in the future as I will manage IoT projects starting next week. I will try to share my experience discovering this world, implementing and managing sensors in the wild. It will be Azure related and as I do not know much about IoT on Azure, this will be for sure super interesting - at least for me ;-)

On personal projects, I will restart full-build and complete .net core support. I’m planning to implement following features:

Just asking myself if I should restart this project using Golang or continue with F#… But a full rewrite could be worthful as several data structures and graph algorithms are required for this kind of tool.

For 2020, I also plan to complete implementation of a new 3d engine for Amiga and hopefully release a demo with this engine. I started this project 2 years ago with a friend but I stopped working on this due to lack of motivation and time.

Let’s see how this will turn ;-)