Production & development

Dev teams tend to forget one thing: production management. This is quite unfortunate as a lot can be learned from.

Obvious remarks: managing production is important as this is what gets people paid. Get customers happy. Give them an easy going experience with your applications. That’s the key. Is that all anyway? Not of course because living with production only won’t give you much success either.

The other side of the coin is the development team. We are for most of us dealing with agile teams working within bounded sprints. Keeping people focused is really important to help go forward and raise overall quality so it’s pretty hard to get them out of this. But dev teams disconnected from production is a non-sense. There must be a trade off between dev and production obviously. Nevertheless, ensure dev teams are not fully staffed and have free time taking care of production.

Finding the sweet spot is really important - but to deal with production, it must be correctly monitored (you have a team in charge of that, right ?):

The goal is to be proactive:

Believe me, that’s a lot of work. Production is not for the faint of the heart and this can be time consuming (and destructive) if not taken seriously. That’s why people from development have to take care of, learn and follow what’s happening in production… and help!

Keep in mind

If production often breaks, you have three problems to deal with:

Last but not least: if production breaks repetitively for same problems again and again, go and kick butts!